Palletways Uk Workforce Sees 25% Year-on-year Increase In Female Employees

  • 30th Mar 2023

At Palletways UK, part of the renowned Palletways Group, we are dedicated to promoting diversity and inclusion in our work environment. Traditionally, logistics has been considered a male-dominated industry, but we are striving to change that perception by encouraging more women to explore the rewarding and fulfilling career opportunities in this sector.


We are proud to announce a 25% year-on-year increase in female employees at Palletways UK. With more women recognizing the potential of a career in logistics, we are eager to boost these numbers even higher. Globally, women constitute only 2% of the logistics workforce, while in the UK, they make up 19%. We aim to raise these percentages by attracting a more diverse talent pool.


Jennifer Mosley-Bradley, Head of HR at Palletways UK, emphasizes our commitment to addressing gender imbalance in the industry. Our efforts have led to a significant increase in female employees, with women now holding various positions across different levels. At Palletways UK, 28% of our female workforce are in entry-level roles, 24% in intermediary positions, 40% in managerial roles, 2% in driver positions, and 4% in director or head of department roles.


One of our success stories is Jenny O’Brien, who has recently been promoted to the vital role of Head of Fulfilment at our Fradley Park Distribution HQ. Joining Palletways 19 years ago as a customer service worker, Jenny now leads a nine-member team, ensuring the smooth operation of the fulfillment center, which houses up to 6,000 pallets at any given time. Jenny’s dedication to her role exemplifies the growth opportunities and dynamic challenges the logistics industry can offer.


Robert Gittins, Managing Director of Palletways UK, highlights our commitment to fostering a diverse workforce: “As our 25% year-on-year growth in female employees shows, the logistics industry doesn’t need to remain male-dominated. We actively promote a diverse workforce, and I look forward to welcoming more women to the Palletways team in the coming months and years.”


In fact, 20% of women at Palletways UK work in operations, while 12% are in sales, 14% in administrative roles, 16% in customer service, 21% in accounts, and 15% in various roles such as drivers, marketing, IT, HR, and network support. This diversity showcases the wide range of opportunities available to women within our organization and the logistics industry as a whole.