Ketra’s Got Talent!

  • 22nd Jun 2016


This year Britain’s Got Talent celebrated its 10th year anniversary. The show, as expected, was full of laughter, tears and many shocking moments. One of the acts to make it through to the semi-finals was The Collaborative Orchestra who are a diverse, ambitious, amateur orchestra based in London.


Vitalie Zhelikhovskyy, who is a top Ketra driver, has been with Collaborative Orchestra for 2 years playing the clarinet for the talented group. The Collaborative Orchestra was knocked out at the semi-finals but have been the only orchestra to make it that far since the show began in 2007.


Vitalie said: “It was a great experience and we were delighted to make it that far in such a tough competition.”

Well done to Vitalie and all the best to The Collaborative Orchestra in the future!